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This is the story of Jorge... a Guatemalan boy who was denied the right to live with his parents in the United States, although he was born in a South Florida Hospital.

A flaw in the United States Immigration system denied him to enter the country; He lived practically all of his childhood with his grandfather in the small town of San Juan Ixcoy in Guatemala.

Mariela Salgado investigated Jorge's case and with the help of Congresswoman Ileana Ross-Lehtinen, it was finally proven that the 12 year-old boy was a U.S. citizen.

A news team from "Sin Fronteras", led by Salgado, traveled to San Juan Ixcoy, in the mountains of Huehuetenango to bring Jorge back to his parents who anxiously waited for him in Florida.
Since that area in the Guatemalan mountains is considered a "danger zone", the reporter was escorted by bodyguards.

The investigation lasted several months, but Jorge was finally reunited with his family in Florida.

Date: April 2004

Accused by the Argentine courts, former Argentine President, Carlos Menem and his wife, ex-Miss Universe, Cecilia Bolocco, speak with Mariela Salgado in an exclusive interview for "Sin Fronteras".

From their home in Chile, the couple talks about their plans for the future, their private life and their political aspirations.

Mariela Salgado provides a special interview with stunning revelations made for the first time ever on television.

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